Kaua'i-Tahiti Fête — Connections in the Pacific

In the future, if someone were to sum up what the Kaua'i-Tahiti Fête was all about, I hope they say its about loving the Tahitian culture.

We have published the 30 minute 1996 video, Kaua'i-Tahiti Fête: Connections in the Pacific about the 10th Annual Kaua'i-Tahiti on Youtube and embedded the clips here for you to watch online.

E Hiti Ra'a Api — A New Beginning

Te tere o HAURURU I te Fenua no HAWAII

Photo of Haruru
Tahitian Vahine from Haruru traveled to Kaua'i to perform at Fête
Photo of drummers
Drummers at the 1996 Kaua'i-Tahiti Fête

More photos from 1999 Fête